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Startup Weekend events all follow the same model anywhere in the world: participants sign up for the weekend and are invited to pitch a business idea on Friday night. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a weekend-long frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders. Whether participants found companies, meet someone new, or learn a skill far outside their usual 9-to-5, everyone is guaranteed to leave the event better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups.

Startup Weekend New Orleans is open to designers, developers, marketing strategists, and all types of entrepreneurs. While no business idea is required to attend, any participant who wishes can pitch a original business idea that has no significant work or investment already – ideas with existing partners or code are ineligible. All participants will vote on the ideas and join a team to develop one of the best ideas over the weekend. Everyone has something to contribute to a team – bring your laptop! –  and there are plenty of great resources to help get started with your team’s idea. With these ideas and tools as foundation, teams will work to create business models, design products, and perform market validation, and come back together on Sunday, September 29th to show off their work to a panel of judges! Winners will be chosen, prizes will be awarded, and fun will be had by all!

The schedule, in brief:

  • FRIDAY: Pitch your idea, form a team, and make a plan for the weekend!
  • SATURDAY: Come back to Propeller, collaborate and innovate, meet with coaches, and work, work, work!
  • SUNDAY: Put the finishing touches on your products, prepare your presentations and demos, and get ready to celebrate success!

Matt Candler

CEO at 4.0 Schools   |   LinkedIn

Emily Madero

Managing Director- The Idea Village   |   LinkedIn

Chris Schultz

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor   |   LinkedIn

Robbie Vitrano

Co-Founder: Idea Village/Naked Pizza/Trumpet   |   LinkedIn


Peter Bodenheimer

Partner & Co-Founder at Launch Pad Ignition   |   LinkedIn

Kenneth Purcell

Founder / CEO, iSeatz Inc.   |   LinkedIn

Gerard Cox

Serial Entrepreneur, Strategy/Management/Design Guru   |   LinkedIn

Allen Square

Chief Information Officer (CIO) at City of New Orleans   |   LinkedIn

Sam Bowler

Google New Orleans Lead

Malcolm Schwarzenback

Director of Brand Study at Trumpet   |   LinkedIn

Jeff Yellin

CFA- expertise in Finance, Corporate Finance and Financial Technology   |   LinkedIn

Eli Feinstein

Managing Partner at Baker Martin Capital

Adele Tiblier

VP Of Marketing   |   LinkedIn


Billy O'Connell

Loyola/Cash Music   |   LinkedIn

Vassil Roussev

Professor of Computer Science at University of New Orleans

Joe Corbett

CEO & Co-Founder at Lanyap Creative   |   LinkedIn

Jason Seidman

CMO & Co-Founder at Lanyap Creative   |   LinkedIn

Stu Richeson

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer   |   LinkedIn

Construction, Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation

Matt Miller

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer

Commercial Finance, Estate Planning & Probate, General Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxation.

Matthew Treuting

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer   |   LinkedIn

Estate Planning & Probate, General Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxation

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Apr 5
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Apr 6
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Lunch (provided by Canseco's)
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner (provided by Ste. Marie)
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Apr 7
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch (Felipe's taqueria)
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Dinner (provided by Parkway Bakery & Tavern)
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup
  • Go home!
Elliott Adams
Rita M. Reed, CPA
Ethan Rosenberg
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